Setting up Online CoursEvals

Questions & Assistance

Dean for Faculty Development Christa Craven and Cyn Bernardy (who oversees the CoursEval  system)  will be available for Q&A sessions  on Course Evaluations & the CoursEval System in the “Academic Professional Development” (APD)  Team  on Microsoft Teams at the following times:

You may  join the meetings by  going  to the  APD  Meetings Channel at the times indicated or click on the links  above.  Both Christa and Cyn are available for individual consultation as well.


All courses for the Spring 2021 Semester will have online course evaluations via CoursEval.

If you wish to use the standard Core Questions (approved by the Faculty in 2013), you do not need to complete this registration form.

1. If you wish to use the Experimental Core Questions (Revised Spring 2021) or any of the other surveys, please fill out the following form:

Spring 2021 Online CoursEval Registration Link

Registration Window:  April 5th – 19th

2. Indicate the course(s) you want to assess online (including section numbers) and which survey form(s) you wish to use.

3. Online CoursEval forms are set up manually by Cynthia Bernardy, our CoursEval administrator.  She will notify you when they are complete and ready for customization (which must be done before anyone takes your survey).


The SPRING 2021 online CoursEval’s will be open / available to students
on Wednesday, April 21, @ 8:00 am
and will close on Wednesday, May 5, @ 11:59 pm.   

4. If you would like different start and end times (within the standard survey window), you may change these by Customizing Your Form.  Please note that you will need to provide the CoursEval link to your students, as automatic reminder messages are not generated for surveys with customized times.

Although the Standard Survey Window will open on April 21st, students will not receive their auto-generated CoursEval announcements until Wednesday, April 28th, and CoursEval reminder prompts every three days until the end of the survey window on May 5th.

5. If you would like to Add (Custom) Questions, follow the instructions here, Customizing Your Form


Supplemental Course Evaluation Questions (Optional)

Although no new questions can be added to CoursEval at this time, faculty are welcome to create a supplemental evaluation form in Microsoft Forms to ask specific questions about the course materials, remote teaching, socially-distant learning, etc.  Instructions for setting up a survey in Microsoft Forms are available here.  These may be submitted to TS&T in addition to CoursEval surveys, if desired.  For faculty who have previously preloaded questions in CoursEval, you may reuse them by following the instructions here.  



For optional Midterm Evaluations via CoursEval:

Please send an email to with: course name, number, and section.  


This website is maintained by the Dean for Faculty Development at the College of Wooster. Contact me if you have questions or suggestions. Dr. Christa Craven: