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Building with pink light from inside
Wooster’s Not-So-Green Greenhouse. Find out why it’s Pink here. Photo Credit: Matt Dilyard

Spring Course Prep Information (DFD Digest December 2020), plus new resources for teaching about violence at the US Capitol:

Campus 2020-2021 Guide (for all of campus)

  • Information on Health & Safety, Testing, the COVID-19 Dashboard

Academic Affairs for Faculty Team Files (internal documents for faculty)

  • Course time frequencies calendar (very helpful for anyone scheduling events or group meetings), the revised Academic Calendar with important dates, a Guide to Supporting Students with contact info for offices across campus
  • See also Channels within the AAfF Team devoted to Research & Study Leave Info (including sample proposals), DEI Work, Educational Policy Committee materials, etc.

The Faculty Handbook

  • Statute of Instruction + info on Teaching Responsibilities, Advising, I.S., Benefits, Funding, Academic Policies, Faculty Governance, Committees, Course Evaluations, Biennial Reports, Tenure & Promotion Reviews, etc.


Reach out if you need support:

Academic Questions

We host “Q&A with the Deans” every Wednesday 12:30-1pm in the Academic Professional Development Team Meetings Channel — join us!

Technology Questions
  • Educational Technology via email and virtual bookings can help with:
    • pedagogical applications of using software such as Teams, Word, etc.
    • support for WordPress and Moodle
    • digital Media Projects like podcasts, 3D modeling, iMovie
    • see staff profiles for their areas of expertise & what they can assist you with
  • The IT Help Desk is available from 8:30AM-5PM, M-F, @ 330-287-4357 (xHELP) or via email to help with:
      • scheduling classroom tech training
      • troubleshooting issues with Microsoft 365 products
      • answering questions about supported technology and software
      • assisting with equipment rental
      • see staff profiles for their areas of expertise
  • Students in need of help with technology? They can book an appointment with Student Technology Assistants.
Wellness Support
  • The Wellness Center counselors are also holding free 15-minute consultations every Friday 2-4pm for Faculty & Staff (you can sign up here)
  • And Chrysalis Family Solutions is the college’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Employees and household members may receive six sessions/hours of service.
This website is maintained by the Dean for Faculty Development at the College of Wooster. Contact me if you have questions or suggestions. Dr. Christa Craven: