Timeline for Course Evaluation Launch

    Fall or Spring Semesters  1st session half-semester courses & Summer Courses 
  • Notification that Course Evaluations will launch in 1 week 
  • Information about Adding Question Blocks (such as TA or Lab) and/or Custom Questions 
2 wks prior to course end date 


2 wks prior to course end date 



  • Evaluation Surveys Open (link in Moodle) 
  • Survey Invitation to students (with no direct link to survey, so that instructors can ask them to fill it out in class) 
  • Message to instructors w/ instructions on how to have students complete them in class 
1 wk prior to course end date 


1 wk prior to course end date 
  Classes End  ??  ?? 
  Exam Day(s)  ??  n/a 



  • Invitation to Survey to students, with direct links to surveys in CE&S 
  • Prompt for instructors to remind students to complete evaluations 
First Exam Day  On Course End Date (after last class, 4pm) 
Students  Reminder for Student Non-Respondents (each day until they respond)  Each Exam Day 


2 Days of Reminders 
  • Last Reminder Email for Non-Respondents (Evaluation Surveys Close @ 11:59pm) 
  • Last Email for Faculty: Prompt to Remind Students 
Last Exam Day  Last Reminder  
Instructors  Grades Due  ??  ?? 
Instructors  Report Access email for Instructors  

[after grades have been turned in for the Session] 

1st Business Day after Grades are Due  1st Business Day after Grades are Due 
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