Using CE&S Online Evaluations

The College of Wooster adopted the Course Evaluations & Surveys (CE&S; formerly EvaluationKIT) in 2021 as our online course evaluation software.

Every course with 5 or more students is set up automatically with the “Core Questions” (voted upon by Faculty in 2021) with course information and student rosters pulled directly from Moodle.

Students and Faculty can access their Course Evaluations via their Moodle Dashboard, using Wooster’s single secure sign-on with multi-factor authentication, with accessible, mobile-friendly access (which supports screen readers and other assistive technology).

Before Course Evaluations launch (at the beginning of the last week of classes, see Timeline for details) Instructors may add customized individual questions and/or pre-prepared banks of questions (such as those for Teaching Assistants, Labs, etc.). After they have launched, Instructors can see real-time response rate tracking.

After Course Evaluations close and Grades are turned in, Instructors receive access to data dashboards & visualization options.

•Student respondents are confidential but not fully anonymous (i.e., in the case of threatening or dangerous comments, Watermark staff can identify a respondent for follow-up if necessary)

Instructors can find instructions and other resources at: Academic Affairs for Faculty Team > Faculty Reviews and Evaluations > Course Evaluation Information > Course Evaluation and Surveys (CE&S) including:

  • Core Questions as they appear to students in CE&S (they are also available on the Teaching & Learning website, minus CE&S formatting)
  • Other Custom Question Blocks (TA evaluation, Lab evaluations, First Year Seminar, etc.)
  • Instructions for Adding Custom Questions (see also best practices and examples here)
  • Instructions for Generating Reports in CE&S (creating a PDF after evals come in)

If you have questions about CE&S, please reach out to Karen Parthemore for assistance.

If you need access to earlier course evaluations completed on the CoursEval system (before 2021), please reach out to Cyn Bernardy.

A full description of the course evaluation requirements for faculty may be found in the Faculty Handbook Chapter 9, “Faculty Evaluation & Reviews for Tenure & Promotion,” Section A.1.

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