Course (Re)Design Workshop

“Building Connections”: Professional Development Summer 2020

Recordings of sessions & additional resources are available to all faculty & staff at The College of Wooster.  You can see the full Program here & use the OpenID Connect button to Self-Enroll in the Moodle “Building Connections” Course with your College username and password.  For more detailed instructions, watch this 30 second video “How to Self-Enroll into a Moodle Course”
    Inspired by Camp Design Online
    @ Muhlenberg College.

    Thank you to the nearly 200 faculty and staff who attended the Building Connections: Course (Re)Design Workshops in June & July 2020 (you can learn more about our inspiration in Inside Higher Ed).

    In the wake of Spring 2020–with the advent of the COVID pandemic, continued anti-Black violence, renewed calls for police reform and the removal of Confederate statues, the further tightening of government restrictions on immigration and international travel, and a contentious election season awaiting us in the Fall–we know NOW MORE THAN EVER that our pedagogy needs to center building connections & inclusive community across campus, sharing resources and assignments that can pivot from classroom to remote learning, and providing networks of support for ourselves & our students for what lies ahead.

    Program Overview

    For Additional Resources, see the Summer Connections Teaching & Learning Newsletters

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