Faculty Teaching Liaisons

In the wake of the coronavirus, moving to alternative forms of instruction poses collective, disciplinary, as well as individual challenges–especially at a small liberal arts college where few of us have experience offering instruction virtually. We knew we’d have to get creative …

Over Spring Break 2020, 22 faculty & staff agreed to be part of an experimental Faculty Teaching Liaisons (FTLs) program.  Each FTL (or FTL pair) serves as a point-person for an interdisciplinary Faculty Network, organized loosely around pedagogical approaches.  Each Faculty Network includes an Educational Technology staff member and Library Liaison(s), providing cohort-based support for ~10-20 instructors.

Many thanks to this amazing group!

"The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other ..."

Credit: Creative Commons

  1. Katie Holt (History) – Global Studies Network
  2. Amber Garcia (Psychology) – Social Pedagogies Network
  3. Christina Welsch (History) – Cultural Studies Network
  4. Jimmy Noriega (Theatre) – Performance Pedagogies Network
  5. Ahmet Atay (Communication/GMDS) – Cultural & Performance Theory Network
  6. Shelley Judge (Earth Sciences) – Earth & Environmental Pedagogies Network
  7. Jillian Morrison (Math) – Quantitative Studies Network
  8. John Neuhoff (Psychology) – Quantitative Studies Network
  9. Susan Lehman (Physics) – Studio/Hands-On Pedagogies Network
  10. Bridget Milligan (Studio Art) – Studio/Hands-On Pedagogies Network
  11. Paul Bonvallet (Chemistry) – Lab-Based Sciences Network
  12. Erzsó Regan (Biology) – Lab-Based Sciences Network
  13. Bhakti Mamtora (Religious Studies) – Social Justice Network
  14. Seiko Matsuzawa (Sociology) – Social Justice Network
  15. Jen Hayward (English & GMDS) – Critical & Interpretive Pedagogies Network
  16. Susanna Sacks (English)  – Critical & Interpretive Pedagogies Network
  17. Hernán Medina (Spanish) – Language Pedagogies Network
  18. Laura Burch (French) – Language Pedagogies Network
  19. Ryan Ozar (Education) – Education & Communication Pedagogies Network
  20. Michelle Johnson (Communication) – Education & Communication Pedagogies Network
  21. Matt Wright (APEX) – Academic Staff Network
  22. Jackie Sanchez (APEX) – Academic Staff Network
  23. And our stalwart EdTech Staff & Library Liaisons
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