Midterm Evaluation Questions

Core Survey:

  • Which aspect of the course is most helpful to you?
  • Which aspect of the course is least helpful to you?
  • Are there any suggestions you would like to make about how to improve the course?

Possible Additional Questions (or request one of your own)
See instructions on adding questions here:

Midterm Learning Goals:

  • What is the most important/valuable thing you have learned in this course so far?
  • What is the least important/valuable thing you have learned?
  • What, if anything, is still unclear?

Student Behavior:

  • How many hours a week, on average, do you spend on this course?
  • I feel comfortable speaking in this class.
  • I feel that class discussions are dominated by one or a few people.
  • I find class discussions help me in understanding key ideas in the course.
  • I learn more from discussions when I am given a question to write about first.
  • How much of the reading that has been assigned so far have you completed?   (100%, 90%, 50%, Less than 50%)

Characteristics of the Course:

  • I find the format of this class (lecture, discussion, problem-solving) helpful to the way that I learn.
  • I feel that this class format engages my interest.
  • I find the comments on exams or other written work helpful to my understanding of the class content.