Course Evaluations

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To access reports from previous evaluations, or to customize your survey once it has been set up, go to the:

CoursEval Portal Login

For additional information about accessing reports in CoursEval, see Finding your Completed CoursEvals.


Spring 2021 CoursEval Registration Link

Registration Window:  April 1st – 19th

Again this semester, the original Core Questions (approved in 2013) will be assigned as the default survey form for all classes with 5 or more students.  Any courses with fewer than 5 students must register for a CoursEval survey and notify your students of the resulting reduced anonymity.  All other survey forms – including the new Experimental Core Questions – must be requested using the link above.

Supplemental Course Evaluation Questions (Optional)

Although no new questions can be added to CoursEval at this time, faculty are welcome to create a supplemental evaluation form in Microsoft Forms to ask specific questions about the course materials, remote teaching, socially-distant learning, etc.  Instructions for setting up a survey in Microsoft Forms are available here.  These may be submitted to TS&T in addition to CoursEval surveys, if desired.

For faculty who have previously preloaded questions in CoursEval, you may reuse them by following the instructions here.


A full description of the course evaluation requirements may be found in the newly reorganized Faculty Handbook chapter 9, “Faculty Evaluation & Reviews for Tenure & Promotion,” Section A.1 (previously Section 7.A.7 “Selected College Policies and Procedures”).

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