Student Access to CoursEval

The CoursEval Portal Login page is the same for students and faculty:

When students log in to CoursEval, their Home Screen will show “Available Surveys” with a link to each class instructors have submitted to evaluate electronically.  Unless instructors customize the timing of the survey, students will have access surveys anytime between 8:00 am on Monday of the last week of classes until 11:59 pm on Thursday of exam week.

***NEW SCHEDULE FOR STUDENT REMINDERS: Since many faculty find that they get the highest response rates by allotting time in class for students to complete evaluations, students will not receive auto-generated prompts to fill out their evaluation forms for courses at the beginning of the final week of classes.  Please note: This is a departure from previous practice when students began to receive auto-generated reminders on Monday of the final week of classes, and every three days thereafter until the end of the survey window.  Instead, they will now receive auto-generated reminders beginning on Friday of the last week of classes (giving instructors the opportunity to time evaluations to correspond with their class times during the final week of the semester without customizing the form).  Students who have not filled out evaluations by that Friday will still receive reminders every three days thereafter until the end of the survey window.

When you are ready for students to complete their evaluations (i.e., at the beginning of a particular class period), send them an email with this link (the same link faculty use to log in): If you would like them to complete evaluations outside of class, you may send the link at any time during the last week of classes. Many instructors have found that this yields a lower response generally, but others have used creative ways to encourage students to fill them out to good effect, such as a small amount of extra credit on the final (or a pop quiz grade dropped) if course evaluation completion reaches 100%. Whatever the timing of your evaluations, letting students know that their feedback is important to you (and that you have been attentive to previous student feedback) can help to increase response rate and encourage students to offer constructive comments.


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