Sharing Evaluations with Chairs & TS&T

After the results are in, you have the choice of whether to share each set of course evaluations to your Chair and TS&T.  For early-career faculty, sharing evaluations with your Chair (or another more senior colleague) in December or early January can give you an opportunity for conversations about student learning, and how to parse apart individual student complaints from patterns that may be helpful to consider as you hone your teaching skills. Chairs and other mentors can also offer helpful suggestions on how to contextualize your Course Evaluations in your written reflection.

Screenshot to release CoursEvals

Choose “Yes” or “No” here in the dropdown menu. To keep a copy for your records or share your evaluations with another mentor, save them as a PDF.

On the submission deadline (March 15 for Fall course evaluations; June 10 for Spring course evaluations), the results will be shared with TS&T and your chair unless you indicate “No” in the drop-down menu for each course.

Please note: The submission of FYS reports is optional.  First Year Seminar evaluations (with the required FYS Survey) are provided to the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement in aggregate (without faculty names).  They are not automatically provided to TS&T or department/program chairs.  If you would like these to be available for tenure and promotions reviews, you may allow access to your FYS evaluations by indicating “Yes” in the drop-down menu within CourseEval.

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