(Self) Care

For Educators in the COVID era (Self)Care is ESSENTIAL!  While this term often conjures up images of enticements to pamper oneself & spend lavishly, that is not what you will find here.  Below are just a few resources.  Most are free, many educational, and they encourage reflection, creativity, movement, wellbeing, and a little bit of irreverence to keep us laughing …

Updated February 17, 2021

Collage art journal
Create Every Day. Credit: Creative Commons

Enjoy the Sights … from the Comfort of Your Home

Get Creative

Virtual Tours: Museums & Collections

Community Engagement

Music & Performance

Yogi seated floor stretch with one leg over head. Photograph by Hannah Lane-Davies

Flex Yoga Wooster. Owned by College of Wooster alum Emily Moorefield Mariola.




Irreverence (don’t judge!)

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