Instructions for Chairs

Accessing Faculty Evaluations as Chair

If a member of your department or program has indicated that they would like to submit their online course evaluations to their chair and TS&T, Cynthia Bernardy will process the authorization for you to see them.

  • Sign in to MyCoursEval (using your Wooster username and password)

As Chair, if you have completed an online course evaluation, both your evaluations and those of your colleagues will be accessible through the same screen.

  • In the dark menu bar across the top of the Home Screen => go to Reports => Evaluation Reports
    • Individual Reports will also allow you to view student responses, but does not include submission options or allow you to add your own reflection
  • Set all filters to “Show All” or specific data, i.e. “Period = 1920FA”
  • Find courses by selecting “Individual” and Settings “Standard Survey”
  • After you locate the course you wish to review, click the “Include” box (second column from the right)
  • Then choose View, PDF, or Print (above that column)
  • Once your CoursEval report opens (in a separate window), you can scroll to the bottom to find the Faculty Reflections and the Chairs Comments/Feedback Box for your reflection.

Entering Comments

When you pull up the report on a colleague’s course, you may enter your feedback directly at the bottom of the report in the comment box, or cut and paste from another program.  The top box will contain any comments your faculty member has entered.  If your faculty member has not added comments yet, you can add your statement to any available box.  Once you have clicked the “Save” button, your comments will be available in TS&T, in addition to the course evaluations and instructor’s reflection.

From the Faculty Handbook Chapter 9, “Faculty Evaluation & Reviews for Tenure & Promotion,” Section A.1.h.

The Chair’s feedback varies according to the career stage of the faculty member. For all courses submitted by pre-tenure faculty, and visiting and adjunct faculty in their first five years of teaching at the College, Chairs are required to draft a brief paragraph that responds to the faculty member’s own reflection. The Chair can affirm the faculty member’s interpretation and plan for responding, add additional context (e.g., traditional challenges of the course or how it fits in the course sequence in the department), as well as strategies for adjusting teaching approaches the next time the course is taught.

For tenured colleagues, the Chair need only indicate that they have read the students’ feedback and their colleague’s reflection. This allows the Chair to have important information about the overall experiences of students in the department’s courses, which can inform conversations in the department about the curriculum or other shared concerns.

Please reach out to Cynthia Bernardy if you have questions about CoursEval: (330) 287-1932 or

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