DFD Digests 2020-2021

The Dean for Faculty Development (DFD) Digest is a monthly round-up of events & resources from the DFD with frequent contributions from friendly folks across campus.


Summer 2021

Holi Celebration. Photo Credit: Matt Dilyard
  • Local Things to Do this Summer
  • Join Wooster Writes (Summer 2021 Writing Group for Faculty & Staff)
  • Resources for Fall 2021: Tech, Calendars, Syllabus Statements, Trainings
  • Pedagogical Practices from 2020-2021 You Plan to Continue
  • New online Course Evaluations System: EvaluationKIT
  • Summer NCFDD events

April 2021

  • Faculty Accomplishments
  • Wooster Website Summer Refresh
  • Tech Training Resources for Faculty (and your Students)
  • NCFDD podcasts & webinar and ILiADS Digital Scholarship CFP
  • On-campus events & resources

March 2021

  • Faculty Accomplishments
  • Midterm course evaluation templates
  • Where to reach out to if you are concerned about a student
  • Trainings on making Sway newsletters & using Forms (& Infobase “at your own pace” training info)
  • IS Formatting Help for Seniors
  • and details on upcoming Faculty Research Gatherings, NCFDD podcasts & webinars, and opportunities to connect with faculty at other Ohio liberal arts colleges

February 2021

Kudos to Zoë Semersky ‘23 for this fantastically realistic
virtual rendition of Kauke Arch filled with snow in Minecraft!
  • Faculty Accomplishments
  • Teaching Resources from Spring Course Prep Sessions
  • Supporting Students (Recognizing Students Who Help Other Students, Info on YOU@WOO, Career Planning, Pathways, and Academic Policy Updates)
  • Technology@Wooster Updates
  • On-Campus, Ohio 5 & NCFDD Spring Events

January 2021

  • Resources for Educators for 2021
  • MLK Day Justice Dialogues
  • Faculty Research Gatherings & Other Events
  • Off-Campus Opportunities

Spring 2021 Course Prep Edition

  • Lessons from Fall 2020
    • building in structure and predictability into your class & explaining your “why”
    • prioritizing inclusive representation & accessibility
    • improving group projects, breakout groups, student check-ins
    • amping up office hours and small-group meetings
  • Sample Syllabus Statements Template
  • Educational Technology Support: Moodle, MS Teams for Classes, Consultations
Squirrel! Photo Credit: Matt Dilyard

Dec 2020

  • Celebrating our collective successes
  • Advice from colleagues on how to think constructively about student course evaluations
  • Why you should work with a Course Design Assistant (CDA) over Winter Break
  • And ideas for returning to your own research after a grueling few months

Nov 2020 “Virtual Care Package” Edition

  • Moments of Joy & Gratitude, Fall 2020 (Photobook)
  • Caring for Yourself During Times of Uncertainty
  • Organizing (Events) for the Road Ahead
  • Teaching after the Election
  • Lightening the Load for I.S. Students (and their Advisors): Pre-formatted I.S. Templates
  • Pre- & Post-Election Events on Campus

Oct 2020

  • Supporting our Students: Fall 2020 and beyond
  • Midterm Evaluation Templates
  • Syllabus Statement on Basic Needs, Food Security & Access to Course Materials
  • EdTech Updates
    • Gatherings & EventsUpcoming Faculty Research Gatherings
    • SafeZone Trainings (with the Sexuality & Gender Inclusion Office)
    • Let’s Talk (with the Wellness Center)
    • “Chair at the Table” Mentoring Workshop
    • Online Pedagogies for the Liberal Arts
    • Student Perspectives on Remote Learning & Anti-Racist Pedagogies

Sept 2020

  • Where do I find … ? (tips from Academic Affairs & EdTech)
  • Congrats on these Faculty Accomplishments
  • Teaching Outside this Fall
  • New Faculty Slideshow
  • Upcoming Events & Webinars

Aug 2020

  • Get Outside: Local Spots
  • Are You Ready to Launch?
  • AntiRacist Pedagogy: Koritha Williams
  • Support for Faculty & Staff: Let’s Talk, Fridays
  • Get Your Research on the Radio: The Academic Minute
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