Course Evaluations

Faculty have the option to use either paper on on-line evaluations in assessing their courses.  For on-line course evaluations, we use a system called “CoursEval.”  Our goal is to make this option as accessible and flexible as possible!

Link to Faculty and Student CoursEval Portal Login:


Online CoursEval Steps:

1.  Let us (Cynthia Bernardy) know that you want to use online evaluations by completing this survey
(for the optional Midterm Evaluations, please send Cynthia an email with course name, number, and section):

SPRING 2016 Online CoursEval Registration (via Qualtrics):

Tell us which courses you want to assess online, and which forms you want to use.
* All FYSM sections will be automatically assigned to the FYS Survey (required). *

(Note:  This is not an automated system – please allow time for your CoursEval surveys to be manually set up.)

2.  Surveys will be generally available on Monday of the last week of classes, and close on the last day of exams.  If you would like different start and end times (within the standard survey window), you may do that from the login screen (see tutorial for help on that).  Please note that if you choose to use custom times, you will need to provide the CoursEval link (above) to your students.

3.   If you would like, add additional questions.  To do this, log onto the site and select up to five additional questions from the list.  If there is a specific question that you want and it is not already listed, you can request that we add another question.  (Note:  Please keep additional questions simple and generic, so that the Question Bank does not become unwieldy and so that the questions will be applicable for the majority of our faculty!)

4.  After the results are in, the results will be shared with TS&T and your chair unless you indicate “NO” (at the bottom of the CoursEval report) by the submission deadline.

5.  Add your reflections directly into the CoursEval comment box, if you would like – or if not, please write (in that box) that you will be sending your comments/reflections directly to Dottie Sines.