The Future of I.S.

Thinking about the Future of I.S.

  • Recognize the vast increase in access to data; working with data while still asking questions and framing arguments
  • Need stronger methods of evaluating I.S. advising
  • The growth of digital technology and modes of communication, and connecting students with modes of communications  (should change the form of IS)
  • Change the nature of the weekly IS meeting
  • Develop models for thinking about interdisciplinarity
  • Establish problem-solving teams
  • Use of Skyping instead of face to face meetings, or to do collaborative sharing
  • Team teaching will allow students to see interdisciplinary modeling at work
  • Greater familiarity among faculty of their work
    • More “faculty at large” sharing
    • “Speed dating” on research topics to familiarize faculty with each-others’ work
    • Research clusters of faculty on an ideas or themes to courage interdisciplinary work
    • Digital mapping of student and faculty interests:  Bepress will do that with publications
  • Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLCA) may offer some collaboration opportunities with faculty and students working with students overseas
  • Incorporating study abroad experiences into IS
  • Combine students from different disciplines with similar community service concerns to make project teams.