Readings about Teaching

As part of our efforts to increase support for and conversations about teaching, learning, and research, please find below some articles that might be useful. If you come across any that look interesting that you would like me to share here, please let me know!

Academic Honesty/Teaching Research Skills

Advising Writing

  • As we help our students make that final push with Senior I.S., the tips in this article on a “Writing Routine” ( ) might prove helpful. I also find these suggestions valuable for all of us in finding time to do some writing during the press of the semester!

Using Blogs in the Classroom

Class Participation and Discussion

Course Evaluations and Bias

  • These linked articles discuss current research on potential gender/racial/sexuality bias in course evaluations.


Distractions in the Classroom

Diversity in the Classroom

  • This report from Denise Bostdorff, Ellen Falduto, and Anne Gates provides thoughtful ideas on teaching first generation students.

Using Film in the Classroom

  • From the Film Studies program, this form has proven useful to faculty in teaching from film.


Group Projects

Inclusive Pedagogy


  • Although more of us are moving away from straight lecturing, a great lecture can still be a powerful teaching tool. Here is a fun article from Inside Higher Ed providing the “10 Commandments of Lecturing”: I particularly like commandment VII.

Miscellaneous Teaching Advice

 Teaching Controversial Topics

Team Teaching


 Visual Literacy