Reimagining I.S.

Reimagining I.S.:  Independent Study Colloquia

September, 2013 and 2014

Best Practices

  1. Double Majors and Interdisciplinarity: How do we best mentor students who are double majors?
  2. Writing Blocks/Developing a Question: How do you help students overcome “writer’s block” or move forward when they are not progressing?
  3. Creating a Community of Learners: How do you create a sense of community and collaboration among your advisees or majors?
  4. Connecting I.S. projects with our own research: How do we connect student projects with our own research?
  5. Incorporating Digital Technologies: This might include incorporating the use of mapping, blogs, History Pin, or e-books.
  6. Sustaining the Momentum:  How do we make I.S. sustainable in the curriculum and for faculty?
  7. After I.S.:  How do we help students think about I.S. beyond graduation?
  8. Scaffolding I.S. in the Curriculum:  How do we scaffold the necessary skills for I.S.?
  9. Contributions to Teaching and Learning:  How might we as a community contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning on mentored research?

The Future of Undergraduate Research and the I.S.

Thinking about the nature of research and pedagogy in your discipline or in your area of interest, changes in global communication technologies, and anticipating the skills our students will need as they graduate college, what should I.S. at The College of Wooster look like in 20 years? 

The Future Of I.S.


Sample I.S. Syllabi

Junior I.S.

Senior I.S.