Peer Teaching Network

College of Wooster Peer Teaching Network

The mission of the Peer Teaching Network (PTN) is to support the development of instructional and pedagogical skills among faculty, and to promote cross-disciplinary networking of faculty at The College of Wooster.  While junior faculty who are undergoing evaluation are observed in their teaching, these are formal, hierarchical and summative evaluations that do not provide the needed opportunity for supportive feedback.  The PTN is designed to provide formative, peer-based feedback outside of the review context.

The goals of the PTN are to:

  • Provide faculty with the chance to observe others teach
  • Provide a low-stress way of developing your pedagogical skills 
  • Offer informal and confidential feedback on your teaching
  • Learn something new from another discipline
  • Exchange teaching ideas with peers 
  • Connect with other faculty members across the disciplines


  1. Indicate your interest in participating in the program, and any requested pairing.
  2. Complete a short survey located at this link:
  3. The Dean for Faculty Development will assign teams, taking into account any requests.  If you would prefer a group of three or four, that is possible as well.
  4. Schedule an initial meeting to arrange visits.  At this meeting you should share syllabi and any particular goals you have with the visit (e.g. how well am I doing with discussion?  Are my goals for the class clear? Do all students seem engaged? ).  In other words, is there something in particular you want your peer observer to be on the lookout for.
  5. Schedule reciprocal visits.
  6. Debrief the visits.

Each team will have available up to $80 to fund meals for the debriefings ($100 for a group of three, $150 for four or more).  You may schedule as many meals as you like, and they may be wherever you like, but the fund will cover no more than the allotted amount.  Receipts for meals should be brought to Darlene Berresford (with an ERF) in the office of the Dean for Faculty Development.