Course Design Workshop

Thursday May 19 and Friday May 20

Are you teaching a new course or substantially revising a course for next year?  Are you designing a First Year Seminar? Do you want to reframe a course around a new teaching method?  This workshop is intended to provide a venue for faculty to begin brainstorming the design and structure of a course through collaboration and discussion with faculty colleagues.

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The Concept

The aim of this workshop is to provide a holistic view of course design that asks faculty to think intentionally about their courses: what they want to teach, why particular topics should be taught, how they want to present the material, and to whom they are teaching.

The workshop will consist of about 16 faculty participants and four group leaders, divided into smaller collaborative groups.  These groups will work intensively together to help one another craft the argument and structure of the course.  It is expected that the groups will continue to serve as resources for one another during the coming year.

Participants will come to the two-day program with a general idea for a class. In collaboration with their group, they will diagram their aims, argument, and student goals for the course.

The Details

This workshop will be held from 9-4 in CoRE, and will include lunch.  Faculty will be paired in generally interdisciplinary groups, or if they desire, in focus groups based on particular types of courses.  Options include:

  • FYS courses
  • Courses experimenting with Course-Embedded Research
  • Courses exploring Diversity and Cultural Competencies in the classroom
  • Discussion focused courses

Please suggest others that might be of interest!

Faculty Support

Each faculty participant will receive a faculty development grant of $500 for participating (group mentors will receive a grant of $750).  These grants may be used to augment existing faculty development funds and may support items such as conference travel, research expenditures and equipment, or workshops.

Course Documents



Link to files as Word documents:

The workshop is designed directly from the book Course Design for College Teachers, by Larry Lovell-Troy and Paul Eickmann.  Educational Technology Publications, Englewood Cliff, NJ. 1991.

Diagramming your Course (Powerpoint)