Sustaining the Momentum

Sustaining the Momentum

Best Practices

  • How many I.S.’s are too many?
  • Use Dropbox for student drafts
  • Value of 30 min meetings versus one hour. How does this affect quality of interaction?
  • Group meetings
  • Get the students to have topics that come from the curriculum
  • Having to supervise students who are working on topics apart from your research
  • Have chair visit an I.S. meeting to help you be better mentor
  • Faculty should be empowered to say no to students.

Junior I.S.

  • Explore the various models: as a stand-alone course, as a tutorial
  • What is the value of Junior I.S.?
  • How do we best prepare our students for Senior I.S.?

Connecting Student Work to Faculty Research

  • Particularly a problem in humanities and Social Science
  • Think about students doing encyclopedia entries or program evaluations
  • Use skills and knowledge and apply to something
  • Are we asking too much from our students? Does it really need to be “new knowledge”?
    • S. from a Marxist perspective: From each according to abilities, to each according to need?
  • Admissions message to follow your passion makes it difficult to steer students to your research


Preparing the Curriculum for I.S.

  • Have to set up curriculum to support I.S.—give students the tools, topics, methods and knowledge from beginning.
  • Set departmental expectations for students early
  • FYS—count it toward the discipline. Think about FYS in the context of I.S.—doing research in FYS
  • By structuring curriculum around I.S., are we then only about I.S.?
  • “W” course—should we unshackle them from the overall curriculum? Leave it to departments?