Instructions for Department Chairs

1.  Accessing Evaluations:  If a member of your department has indicated to us (Cynthia Bernardy or Heather Fitz Gibbon) that they would like to submit their course evaluations to the Chair and to the Provost’s office, we will process the authorization for you to see these evaluations.

To access any course evaluations, login to this site using your usual Novell username and password:

When you have successfully logged in, you will see this screen:


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.06.22 PM



If you have completed an online course evaluation, both your evaluations and those of your colleagues will be accessible through the same screen.  Simply toggle the “Survey” or “Reports” button under the Wooster logo.  When you click on it, it will shift to either “Survey” or “Reports.”  This should show you all available evaluations.  If the report you are looking for is older, click “All reports” (the little guy with the magnifying glass).   When you get to the listing of reports, check the report you want (make sure “show all” is selected on all the pull down menus), and click “view report.”

2. Entering Comments:  You may enter your chair reflections on the form itself.  When you pull up the report (using “view report” above, or the little guy with binoculars), at the bottom of the report will be feedback boxes.

The top box will contain any comments your faculty member has entered.  You can enter your comments in the bottom box.  If you simply want to indicate that you have read the evaluations, simply type:  “I have read these evaluations”, and include your name.  Otherwise, you can add more involved reflections at that time.  If your faculty member has not added comments yet, you can simply add your statement to any available box.

3. Submitting Evaluations:  Evaluations are already submitted, and TST has access.  So this is all you have to do!

Questions?  Contact either Cynthia Bernardy ( or Heather