Incorporating Digital Technologies

Incorporating Digital Technology

Why don’t we incorporate more technologies?

  • How will it be evaluated? How do we develop criteria for digitally based projects?
  • We don’t have a good way to preserve alternative IS projects
    • What is our support system for the use of digital technologies?
    • How do we handle human subjects clearance (IRB) for documentary or film projects?
    • Is overcoming disciplinary boundaries part of the problem?
    • Defining what skills we are trying to develop using technology.  Is tech just a way to document and show the IS research work?
    • In order to do some media project, need departmental support and to introduces such methods earlier in the curriculum
    • Students need to also be responsible for writing in addition to a media project.

Specific Suggestions for Technology use

  • Dragon speech recognition software with google docs (inserting comments on student drafts).  It helps with taking notes during an IS meeting
  • Teach ¼ credit courses on technology, such as Katie Holt’s Digital History class.
  • Using digital technologies to save time:  Google drive and Dropbox, sharing drafts as a group
  • Developing instructional videos for their IS students to consult
  • Digital book club with seniors (e.g. Geology)
  • Place something in the I.S. handbook on various digital technologies
  • Departments need to be excited about technology and incorporate it in the curriculum (e.g. Geology and their use of ipads).