After I.S.

After I.S.

 How do we help students beyond Wooster?

  • Engage students in internal professional-style activies
  • Expose student to professional events like conferences
  • Encourage development of student-run publications like Sapere Aude

Publishable I.S.?

  • Whether or not faculty help students pursue a publication is a context sensitive question. Disciplines approach student professional development differently. Most students will be best serve if they are afforded the opportunity to pursue their passions, regardless if its published.

Models Venues for Presentation

  • Mimic what is done in art—conjunction of production piece and discussion piece. Other disciplines could conjoin written work with pieces like short-form blog posts, YouTube, and other forms of digital expression. These works could be reflections, summaries, or advocacy pieces. We need not privilege digital pieces necessarily, more important is the pairing of written work with another form of discussion.

How do we prepare students?

  • Departments should consider reducing spring semester course load for seniors, to allow additional time for Senior I.S. related extracurricular activities, such as digital IS, oral presentation, and writing for a broader audience.